Healthcare Credentialing Services

Facility credentialing for a hospital can be a difficult process, more so because it directly impacts your cash flow. With our help, credentialing doesn’t have to be so time-consuming. We recognize the importance of obtaining your credentials, which is why we go above and beyond to complete your credentialing paperwork and cut through all the red tape.

TOP-NOTCH provides a complete credentialing service that ensures compliance with your institution’s bylaws, as well as federal and state accreditation standards. We also offer credentialing services to healthcare providers in various industries, including new providers and institutions undergoing re-credentialing.


Frequently Asked Questions

TOP-NOTCH Advice works with hospital providers, healthcare systems, physician clinics, medical recruitment agencies, and other healthcare advisory firms.
We are a national practice, and our network extends to all ends of the country. Therefore, we recruit for all healthcare industries and practices.
TOP-NOTCH Advice started operations in 2022, and we have decades of experience in the healthcare consulting industry.
Our mission is to provide solutions that improve your practice. Therefore, we are inclined to offer flexible payment plans for healthcare professionals and organizations.