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Welcome to TOP-NOTCH Advice

As the healthcare industry evolves due to uncontrollable market forces, regulatory bodies, and customer needs, we seek to revolutionize the way our professionals operate. Being a trusted and experienced healthcare consultancy agency in Atlanta, we’ve built our discipline by understanding how doctors, patients, drug manufacturers, and distributors interact on a larger spectrum. Therefore, we are committed to providing the most reliable, innovative solutions that promote growth and benefit your clinic’s customers and patients.

How Can We Help You

TOP-NOTCH Advice brings decades of experience in the healthcare industry, providing quality services to all clients. As such, our business acumen allows us to offer competitive rates and ongoing support as we render quality services to medical professionals and organizations. More importantly, we add value to your practice by creating a strategy that supports your goals and ensures success and full compliance in your daily operations.
  • Healthcare Consulting 100% 100%
  • Auto Injury Expertise 100% 100%
  • Billing and Coding 100% 100%
  • Credentialing 100% 100%
  • Healthcare Operations 100% 100%

Our Services

TOP-NOTCH Advice provides innovative solutions to help you achieve your goals in the healthcare industry. We provide quality healthcare assistance to healthcare providers who require assistance in meeting the ever-changing needs of patients and customers.

Healthcare consulting

We offer a broad range of healthcare consulting services that maneuver these challenges in an evolving environment. Our team provides innovative solutions that can lead your organization to long-term success in the healthcare industry, based on decades of experience and extensive research.

Billing and Coding

As an expert team with a nationally proven track record in coding and billing solutions, we help organizations navigate the constant and dramatic fluctuations in the health information management industry.

Healthcare Operations

Our team of professionals works closely with your operations management team to transform the way your organization performs. We develop strategies to increase operational efficiency and performance, thereby increasing your ROI and giving you a competitive advantage in the industry.

Auto Injury Expertise

Our team is full of doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors who can provide a plethora of pain management services, including medication management, massage therapy, physical medicine, and much more.


TOP-NOTCH provides a complete credentialing service that ensures compliance with your institution’s bylaws as well as federal and state accreditation standards.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Your Typical Clients?

TOP-NOTCH Advice works with hospital providers, healthcare systems, physician clinics, medical recruitment agencies, and other healthcare advisory firms.

How Long Has TOP-NOTCH Advice Been in Business?

TOP-NOTCH Advice started operations in 2022, and we have decades of experience in the healthcare consulting industry.

What Markets Do You Recruit For?

We are a national practice; and our network extends to all ends of the country. Therefore, we recruit for all healthcare industries and practices.

Is Your Consultancy Fee Contract Based?

Our mission is to provide solutions that improve your practice. Therefore, we are inclined to offer flexible payment plans for healthcare professionals and organizations.